The GVI Team "25 Years from Our Family to Your's"

We are GVI - get to know us!

When you deal with us, you deal with the owners of the business Peter Johnston (PJ) his son Hayden and their small experienced team.

GVI - Matt Price
Matt Price
Team Leader
Favourite Car: Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series V8 Turbo Diesel

Originally from sunny Nelson, Matt has been part of the team for 6 Years now and started with us as a salesman in our Ssangyong New Vehicle team. Matt has moved his way up through the ranks and now heads our GVI Used Vehicle Team! Knowledgeable and enthusiastic Matt is always on hand to guide the team and work with you to ensure all your wants and needs are catered for! When he’s not at work Matt can be found on his boat or spending time with his Fiancé Margot enjoying Auckland’s many fine eateries!

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ddi. (09) 215 8025 (09) 215 8025
GVI - Glenn Haslem
Glenn Haslem
Team Leader
Favourite Car: Audi RS4 Avant

Glenn, aka “The Hazzman” aka “Frosty boy” heads up the team alongside Matt. Glenn and his blond tips join us after years of experience in the New Car Industry working for big names like Giltrap and Moyes. Glenn is passionate about giving great service and ensuring your experience with GVI is not only professional and pressure free, but also a bit of fun! Glenn, his Wife and two Daughters love getting away to the beach and when hes not at work he can be found on the couch with a beer enjoying the big game or in the kitchen rustling up a mean curry!

m. 021 728 949 021 728 949
ddi. (09) 213 7539 (09) 213 7539
GVI - Paul Brom
Paul Brom
Senior Sales Consultant
Favourite Car: Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Paul comes to us from an incredibly varied background having owned a chain of successful food bars and a famous 80's night club! With his wild days now behind him Paul's focus is on his three passions, his family, good food and of course fishing! Paul has been with the GVI team for over 8 years and always looks forward to meeting new people and helping them become satisfied new car owners.

m. 021 335 247 021 335 247
ddi. (09) 525 6034 (09) 525 6034
GVI - Liam LeGrice
Liam LeGrice
Sales Consultant
Favourite Car: Toyota Chaser JZX90 with 2JZ Conversion

Liam or as he is affectionately known “Ron Weasley”! started life with GVI in the groom bay as a young kid fresh out of school and has steadily worked his way up through the ranks joining our sales team a few years ago. Liam has good energy and an excellent understanding of vehicles so can help find the best matched vehicle for your lifestyle and needs! Mad about cars, Liam is our resident “JDM Specialist” so especially likes our selection of tasty Japanese performance cars!

m. 021 313 724 021 313 724
ddi. (09) 217 4926 (09) 217 4926
GVI - Leon Balchin
Leon Balchin
Sales Consultant
Favourite Car: Nissan Rasheen

Leon aka. “The Captain” has done several tour of duties with GVI and was originally one of our buyers based in Japan! With his relaxed and friendly “Island time” personality Leon will patiently guide you through your car buying journey and with his years of experience ensure the right match is found! Leon loves classic rock and karaoke and can often be found standing in the sunning singing a tune!

m. 021 310 804 021 310 804
ddi. (09) 216 5817 (09) 216 5817
GVI - “Syed” Khaliq Syed
“Syed” Khaliq Syed
Sales Consultant
Favourite Car: Subaru WRX STI Hatch
Syed speaks Hindi

With a long history in retail sales Syed understands that the customer always comes first. Quiet, considerate and patient, Syed will listen and spend all the time you need finding the car that best suits you. Syed’s wife is an amazing cook and the boys love it when he brings in a selection of traditional dishes to share on the weekend!

m. 021 594 327 021 594 327
ddi. (09) 217 4926 (09) 217 4926
GVI - Gleb Golovanov
Gleb Golovanov
Sales Consultant
Favourite Car: Audi RS7
Gleb speaks Russian

One of 3 Russians here at GVI, Gleb has recently joined the team and is enjoying meeting new people and helping them find new vehicles. Before moving to New Zealand Gleb ran his own successful window tinting business in Russia and has excellent product knowledge and understanding. Gleb is the “Male Model” of the team, always looking immaculate and with a set of legs that all the girls a jealous of! 😉

m. 021 1957153 021 1957153
ddi. (09) 215 3593 (09) 215 3593
GVI - John Dallimore
John Dallimore
Sales Consultant
Favourite Car: 1973 Porsche 911E Targa

John is a well-known figure in the industry and for a long time had his own successful dealership in the prestigious “Greenlane Boulevard of Cars!” John brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team and is our resident commercial specialist, so is the go to guy for anything van or truck related!
Although John is known around the traps as the “Silver Fox!” his wild days are (mostly) behind him and he now loves spending time with his grandchildren!

m. 021 618604 021 618604
ddi. (09) 216 7734 (09) 216 7734

Electric Team

GVI - Jason Tervit
Jason Tervit
GVI Electric Team Leader
Favourite Car: Tesla Model S P100D with Ludacris Mode

After 8 Years on the “ICE / Dark Side”! Jason has recently moved across to head our team of Electric Vehicle Specialists! Originally from Hamilton Jason has grown up in the car industry following in the footsteps of his father who was a very well know and respected car dealer and also a successful promoter at Western Springs Speedway. Jason has been a closet EV fan for a number of years and is excited to join the charge for a better NZ!. Jason is a dedicated family man who relishes time spent with his wife and their young son.

m. 021 169 3805 021 169 3805
ddi. (09) 525 6043 (09) 525 6043
GVI - Tony May
Tony May
EV Specialist
Favourite Car: Mazda RX3

After a career spent mostly in the heavy commercial vehicle industry Tony joined us to atone for his diesel sins and has been reborn into the glorious light of EVs. He has never looked back! Best known for his "Tony May Jokes" and "Long Story Short, Long Stories" Tony brings a quirky joy to the team and we never have a dull day while he is around! Tony has quickly fallen in love with the EV life and can often be found at the local rapid charge station spreading the word and making friends! Tony is professional and polite and although an accomplished talker, he is also a great listener and genuinely wants you to fall in love with EVs like he has.

m. 021 648 397 021 648 397
ddi. (09) 215 3594 (09) 215 3594
GVI - Russell Bowden
Russell Bowden
EV Specialist
Favourite Car: 1980 Suzuki Carry
Can speak Spanish

A musician, an artist, a talented linguist, an EV enthusiast and an amazing beard...Russell has it all! Russell comes to us after visiting and working in most countries accessible with a NZ Passport. After his most recent stint working as a tech for Chorus he felt it was time to take his passion for EVs to the next level. Fresh from an inspirational chat with world renowned EVangelist Chelsea Sexton, he joined the GVI Electric band and has been a welcomed addition! Russell's passion for EVs is infectious and time spent with him will quickly ignite the same in you!

m. 021 540 362 021 540 362
ddi. (09) 217 3786 (09) 217 3786
GVI - Geary Sutjahjo
Geary Sutjahjo
EV Specialist
Favourite Car: Toyota Chaser JZX100
Can speak Malay and Indonesian

From selling radio controlled electric cars to selling the real thing, Geary has come a long way! The youngest in the team, Geary has embraced the EV Life with both hands and is close to denouncing his evil ICE ways completely….except for maybe the odd weekend JZX cruise! Geary has developed an in-depth knowledge of EVs and is enjoying educating new comers on the joys and benefits of making the move to EV! Friendly and enthusiastic Geary is here to hold your hand and answer all your questions!

m. 021 573 042 021 573 042
ddi. (09) 218 7725 (09) 218 7725
GVI - Katya Almestica
Katya "Kate" Almestica
EV Specialist
Favourite Car: Any Tesla, but especially her Model 3 when it arrives!
Katya speaks Russian

Katya - "Ka-te-ya" - and her Husband Barry hold the prestigious honour of winning one of Tesla's Golden Tickets and being flown to America to join Elon for dinner and a private tour of the Giga Factory!! Very Cool!! Crazy about EVs and with a passion for helping people join the EV life, Katya is a valued member of our team and always brings a ray on sunshine to the office when she is around! Katya has recently become a legit Kiwi! and her gentle and patient nature is always appreciated by those who are a little nervous about making the move to electric.

m. 022 184 9445 022 184 9445
ddi. 0800 443 684 ext:2 0800 443 684 ext:2

Wellington GVI Electric Team

GVI - Daniel Krivan
Daniel Krivan
EV Specialist and Team Leader
Favourite Car: Ford Model T
Can Speak Spanish and Portuguese

Daniel first started with GVI painting walls and washing cars in the groom bay....look how far he has come!! Daniel is originally from a small seaside paradise on the Kapiti Coast and after spending time overseas travelling through Australia and South America he returned home to finish his studies and become a Priest....that’s when we rescued him and introduced him to the world of car sales!! Daniel is a dedicated and passionate EV nut! His patience, knowledge and understanding of all things EV means he will work hard to match you with the EV that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Daniel has recently returned from several months in Brazil where he married the lovely Sara and they have both returned home to Wellington to start a new life together!

m. 027 681 4002 027 681 4002
ddi. (04) 213 9341 (04) 213 9341
GVI - Andrew Dudley
Andrew Dudley
EV Specialist
Favourite Car: Rimac Concept 2

Andrew comes from a varied automotive background having started off grooming cars in Grey Lynn for his father and moving onto living in Japan for years as a full time buyer supplying some of Auckland biggest car dealers. Andrew is a family man and his free time is dedicated to his lovely wife Lisa and their seven children…yes seven! Andrew is a genuine EV convert having previously been a devout ICE enthusiast embracing the gods of high octane fuel and high rpm noise! His move from the dark side hasn’t meant he has lost his need for speed and he can proudly say he holds the lap record at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park in a Nissan Leaf!! Andrew has relocated his whole family to Masterton where his brother already lives and is loving the move away from the Auckland rat race!! Andrew is here to help with all your EV needs and queries and will happily come to you at home or at work to give you an EV Experience.

m. 021 454 287 021 454 287
ddi. (04) 213 9340 (04) 213 9340
GVI - Darryl Hanson
Darryl Hanson
EV Specialist
Favourite Car: His original 1999 Honda Insight Hybrid

Darryl is a local Kapati lad and also a bit of a Youtube celebrity! Check out Darryl’s channel here Darryl is a prominent member of the Wellington EV Community and joined the Capital EV team as it gave him the opportunity to spread to good EV world and help more people live the EV life! In a past life before EVs, Darryl was a Weapons Engineer Officer for the NZ Navy! and also an app developer! Darryl has truly cemented himself as one of the three Capital EV Musketeers and his sharp sense of humour and love of EVs will easily win you over!

m. 021 192 5287 021 192 5287
ddi. (04) 213 9342 (04) 213 9342

Business Managers

GVI - Aaron Williamson
Aaron Williamson
Business Manager
Favourite Car: Porsche 928 S4

After spending time working abroad in the UK, Aaron is now based back home in New Zealand full time and enjoying being part of the GVI family! Toyota trained, Aaron brings integrity and professionalism to the Finance and Insurance role and his close relationship with the major finance companies and intimate knowledge of financial law means you are in great hands. With an apartment in exotic Goa India, Aaron loves travelling, but these days is equally content spending time with his niece and nephew clowning it up and having fun!

m. 021 542 488 021 542 488
ddi. (09) 213 3947 (09) 213 3947
GVI - Danny Shen
Danny Shen
Business Manager
Favourite Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
Can speak Cantonese and Conversational Mandarin

After a couple of different career shifts including training as a Barrister! Danny has settled into the Finance and Insurance position where his mathematical prowess and keen attention for detail are well utilised! Danny is diligent and polite and will work hard to ensure the tailored finance package he creates best matches your needs and means. When hes not working hard securing the best deal for customers from our lenders he can be found behind the bar at some of the hottest Asian style clubs in Auckland!

m. 021 592 898 021 592 898
ddi. (09) 217 4034 (09) 217 4034

Lunchtime manager

GVI - Sabine
Company Dog
Favourite Car: Singer-Williams DSL 911

A German Short Haired Pointer (GSP) born in Maungaturoto Sabine embraces all aspects of the NZ lifestyle with a strong love of the outdoors but quite fond of creature comforts! Her favourite part of the day...lunch time where she can be found making moon eyes at anybody who looks like they might have something tasty to share! Week days are spent on the yard greeting customers and testing all features of the cars especially the heated seats! Weekends Sabine can be found in the forests around Auckland keeping the local pheasants and deer on their toes! Sabine loves meeting GVI customers so feel free to bring your furry friends in for a game of chase!


You can trust GVI

We are one of the largest importers of used Japanese motor vehicles into New Zealand with over 25 years experience. Our quality used cars for sale are hand-selected by our experienced car buyers here and in Japan. We stand behind every vehicle we sell and G.V.I is well known for its quality honest cars which come with guaranteed speedo readings and warranty back up. With over 50,000 vehicles sold and counting we have an army of satisfied and loyal customers.

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