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  • 2008 Lexus IS F

    28 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights (13)

  • Aug 2021
    Very happy with the vehicle. Ticks all my boxes.
    —Zacharias B - 2008 Lexus IS F F
  • May 2021
    Love it!
    —RYAN G - 2008 Lexus IS-F
  • Dec 2020
    I dont think you can really go too wrong with this car. They are reliable if maintained. In my opinion a much safer more reliable purchase than an M3 or C63 of same year and I think that reflects in the prices. Also they made far fewer ISFs than either M3 or C63 of same period.
    —David H - 2008 Lexus IS F
  • Dec 2020
    Bang for buck
    —Joelene C - 2008 Lexus IS F 5.0L V8
  • Jul 2020
    overall great Value for money
    —James B - 2008 Lexus IS F
  • Jul 2020
    My absolute dream car!!
    —Jerome H - 2008 Lexus IS F
  • May 2020
    This is a great car.
    —konrad S - 2008 Lexus IS F NEW DASH TOUCHSCREEN
  • Jan 2020
    Excellent so far.
    —GREGORY P - 2008 Lexus IS F
  • Oct 2019
    Get a pre purchase inspection report to assist in your purchasing decision it will help display little things you may miss when falling in love with such an amazing car after just one demonstration drive :)
    —Jason B - 2008 Lexus IS F V8 5.0LTR
  • Sep 2019
    Great car , !!! growls like a tiger when over 3700 rpm ( secondary intake opens up ) - no tickets from the boys in blue ......... yet ! Clean inside , - well groomed , ' accurately described to me ' - VERY important ! - if i had an uneasy feeling from what I expected , - be no go..
    —Philip H - 2008 Lexus IS F V8 5.0LTR
  • Aug 2019
    Very comfortable to drive and very economical on a long trip.
    —Hallington Corp Ltd - 2008 Lexus IS F
  • Jun 2019
    I have had no problems with this car since the purchase it has been an amazing car to drive so glad I was able to get this.
    —Nikolas F - 2008 Lexus IS F V8 5.0LTR
  • Feb 2019
    Love my new car. It's a dream to own.
    —Stephen P - 2008 Lexus IS F


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